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Domestic Angelfish

Domestic Angelfish Genotype / Phenotype Timeline

Based on Dr. Norton's articles, below is an outline of the angelfish phenotype timeline. New genes have emerged recently and are still being studied, therefore... they are not included in this list.
Dark (D) Dominant
  • 1953 Europe, blacklace; 1954 Julianna & Fred Ludwig all black angelfish Detroit Michigan
  • Innes July 1955
  • Wolfsheimer July 1955
Halfblack (h) Recessive
  • Appeared in the hobby approximately 1955. There is no known documentation of it origin (Axelrod, 1985).
Stripeless (s) Recessive
  • 1965 Conles blushing-named by Lester Boisvert, produced by Vorderwinkler
Marble (M) Dominant
  • 1969 Marble-Charles Ash
Naja gold (sometimes called Wingate gold) (Lost)
  • 1970 Carl Naja (The first gold to enter the hobby and is now obsolete.)
Smokey (S) Dominant
  • 1971 Smokey-Charles Ash
Hong Kong gold (Lost)
  • 1971 Anon. Peter Wong (This gene may also be obsolete.)
Zebra (Z) Dominant
  • 1971 Origin is unknown. Entered the trade in the 70's.
New gold (g) Recessive
  • 1973 Imported into the US from Singapore
    1974 Earl Wellwood, a Canadian
    1975 Ross Socolof
Gold marble (Gm) Dominant
  • Apparently it originated in the Far East. Timeframe is unknown.
Streaked (St) Dominant
  • First encountered sometime in the early 80's. No known documentation of it's origin. Dr. Norton first obtained her streaked angelfish from Tim Anderson. Year is unknown.
Pearlscale (p) Recessive
  • 1987 by Kamphol Udomritthiruj (Seattle).
    1989 Tim Anderson, a tropical fish wholesaler and angelfish breeder in Eagle Grove, Iowa, imported some pearly angelfish from Bangkok early in 1989. The supplier had changed it's name to "Pearly" however many breeders still use its original name today.
Veil (V) Dominant
Albino (a) Recessive
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