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FAMA's Angelfish Genetics Articles

By Dr. Joanne Norton

Between May of 1982 and March of 1994, Dr. Joanne Norton published 18 genetics articles on angelfish in Freshwater And Marine Aquarium (FAMA) magazine. Today, Dr. Norton's work is recognized by Angelfish breeders as a significant accomplishment in Angelfish genetics and is the foundation for their breeding programs.

In August 2000, Michelle Ricketts came across all 18 articles and obtained permission to publish them online for the benefit of all angelfish breeders & enthusiasts from the managing editor of FAMA Magazine.

Also granting permission, these articles are published with the permission of BowTie Inc., publisher of

We hope you enjoy them.


Dr. Joanne Norton's Angelfish Genetics Articles:

"Genetics of the Mutant Genes"
FAMA April 1982: Vol.5, # 4-Part I
© Dr. Joanne Norton

"Three Types of Gold"
FAMA May 1982: Vol.5, # 5-Part II
© Dr. Joanne Norton

"The Location of the Genes"
FAMA July 1982: Vol.5, #7-Part III
© Dr. Joanne Norton

"Combinations of Zebra & Dark with other Genes"
FAMA Aug 1982: Vol.5, #8-Part IV
© Dr. Joanne Norton

"Various Mutant Genes in Marble & Stripeless; Also, the Inheritance of Veiltail"
FAMA Sept 1982: Vol.5, #9-Part V
© Dr. Joanne Norton

"The Effects of Photoperiod"
FAMA Oct 1982: Vol.5, #10-Part VI
© Dr. Joanne Norton

"The Cobra Angelfish"
FAMA Nov 1982: Vol.5, #11-Part VII
© Dr. Joanne Norton

"Clown; a Modified Zebra Lace"
FAMA May 1983: Vol.6, #5
© Dr. Joanne Norton

"The Black Velvet Angelfish"
FAMA July 1984: Vol.7, #7
© Dr. Joanne Norton

"The Leopard Angelfish"
FAMA Feb 1985: Vol.8, #2
© Dr. Joanne Norton

"The Inheritance of Half Black"
FAMA Aug 1985: Vol.8, #8
© Dr. Joanne Norton

"Gold Marble"
FAMA Sept 1988: Vol.11, #9
© Dr. Joanne Norton

"Half Black Combinations"
FAMA May 1989: Vol.12, #5
© Dr. Joanne Norton

"Seven Kinds of Marble"
FAMA May 1990: Vol. 13, #5
© Dr. Joanne Norton

Pearly "A New Angelfish Mutation"
FAMA Dec 1990: Vol. 13, #12
© Dr. Joanne Norton

Will be available soon!

June 1992, Vol. 15, #6 Black Lightning Angels

Dec 1993, Bol 16, #12 Blushing Half-Black Gold Marble Angelfish

March 1994, Vol. 17, #3 Notched "An Angelfish Deformity"

Pterophyllum Altum - Pellegrin 1903
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