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Domestic Angelfish

Domestic Angelfish

Hobbyists have been keeping angelfish for nearly a 100 years, but it wasn't until 1953 that the first color mutation occurred. Since then, many more color mutations have been developed. Today, there are dozens of phenotypes to choose from.

In some phenotypes, the genotype has not quite been figured out yet. Two genes are considered obsolete or lost to the hobby. However, these genes "are" recessive and may possibly be hiding behind dominant genes. All we know about these genes is from Dr. Norton's research, and there is very little information.

Other mutations have occurred such as Philippine Blue (pb/pb) which is a recessive gene and appears to be located on its own locus. Although it is obvious that this gene exists, the actual test crosses have not been resolved and is still in development.




Want to understand angelfish genetics?

Between May of 1982 and March of 1994, Dr. Joanne Norton published 18 genetics articles on angelfish in Freshwater And Marine Aquarium (FAMA) magazine. Today, Dr. Norton's work is recognized by Angelfish breeders as a significant accomplishment in Angelfish genetics and is the foundation for their breeding programs.


Do you need to understand a term used in Aquaria?

We have definitions to help you to understand them.

Introduction to Genetics
A beginners guide to angelfish genetics.

Current Angelfish Genetic Notations
Learn the current genetic notation for angelfish phenotypes.

Dr. Joanne Norton's
Angelfish Genetics Articles

Detailed genetic articles about every domestic phenotype.

Phenotype Timeline
A easy to understand timeline of when mutations occurred among our domestics.

Understanding the Punnet Square
Learn how to use the punnet square with angelfish genetics.

Genetics Terminology
A helpful terminology guide to help you understand the terms used in genetics.

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