F1 altums las of appitite and no growth

Hallo people,

I’m new on this forum, my name is Martijn from Holland and i hope you all can help me with my problems.

I have 9 F1 Altums with appetite problems.

I bought them at 3 november at sice 6/8 cm ,THE first 2 days they eat like crazy ( 5 times a day brine shrimos, mysis, black/ red musqitos).
At day 3 it started by 1 of the smallest, he began to hide and hang there all day long and didn’t come to eat, after 2 days he had thick white poop and haf problems to get it out but when it was out he was a life again but his apetite was gone ( 1 or 2 bites a day max)
In the folowing 2 weeks several angels followed but they had stringly transparant poop. So 7 of the 9 had less appetite and transparant poop.
My LFS adviced to threat them for Flagelaten ( flagallex Colombo ) I did 2 threatmants but didn’t help.
LFS adviced to threat them for Worms ( dactycid Colombo ) I did 2 threatmants but also didn’t help to let them eat normaal again. The stringle transparant poop is by the angels who take 1or2 bites a day are gone but by the angels who eat nothing comes nothing

2 angels eat all time very Good en they grow quick,they grow from 8 cm to 18 cm in the period I had them (3 november til now) , the poor eaters are 8 cm 3x, 10cm 4x they growth is nihil or nothing.

What is wrong with them??? Please HELP!!!


Re: F1 altums las of appitite and no growth

Hello, I'm not an expert in diseases, but the issue with commercial medication is that you need to add it to the water. For internal diseases this is not very effective. Better is to mix it in the food. Although this will not help a lot neither since they are not eating. You will find a lot advice on this forum by doing a search.

I don't know exactly the active components in Colombo's products. I would treat them again but with product from another brand and another active component. Buy them in another shop if you LFS don't sell them. I'm not telling that Colombo's products are not good, but if it doesn't help I would at least try another medication. White poop and altums, the probablilty is high that it concerns flagelates or worms.

If there is a vet spcialized in fish in you neighberhood, you can sacrifice the weakest to safe the rest and have a correct diagnosis with appropriate treatment. I did that in the past and didn't regret it.

You can also stimulate them to eat by increasing the temperature to 29-30°C and perform frequent waterchanges between two treatments. This will not harm them anyway.

What are your water parameters? No ammonia or nitrites? Can you tell some more about this?


Re: F1 altums las of appitite and no growth

Hi maanvis,

Thanks for your repley!

My parameters are stabil at
Ph 6,9/7,0
Kh 4,5
Gh 6
No2 0
Nh3/4 0
No3 10/15
Po4 0,5
Ms 450
Temp 28,5 degrees
Tank 800 liters
50% wc every week

Flagallex: 5-nitro-1,3-thiazol-2-ylazan-180mg/ml
Dactycid: praziquantel 25mg/ml

I can threat them again with another kind of medicyn for Flagelaten and Worms but isn’t it bad for the Angels to gave them again 4 heavy threatmants? They are juvy’s! So can they handle it! They are still impressed of the last threatment!(Stresst)And is the right think to do because they are allready 3 months behind in there critical grow stage? Is it possible that the medican did his job already( white poop is gone but won’t eat proper) but that they are to much damaged insight? Or are they stil recovering?

I allready lost 6 cory’s and 2 cacatuoides threw threatmant! :(


Re: F1 altums las of appitite and no growth

Hello Martijn,

I might has read your maill too fast. If you say that the white poop is gone, do you mean that it has natural color now, or do you mean you don't see any poop? If this is lasting since 3 months, they should be eating something. So you are right to leave them to recuperate. But they should eat.
I would proceed with water changes and increasing temperature to 30°C, not higher. This will increase metabolism and need for food. Waterchanges will certainly motivate them to eat too.
Do you have the possibility to offer them live brine shrimps (artemia)? Artemia have a very high proteïn content. I would try this, or even frozen if life is not available. Nowadays, you can find living artemia in most shops.

Martijn, can you send a picture of the fishes? This will help a lot the people here on the forum to make an evaluation of the situation.

Re: F1 altums las of appitite and no growth

Its difficult to explain ( in english) but I will try😬

2 angels eat in my eyes as is supposed to be and they poop normal several times a day. There happy and come swim forward when I came to fead them.
4 angels eat 1 or 2 bites a day and poop sometimes
( normal Color after Those 4 threatmants) they also came forward when I fead but won’t eat most of the time, sometimes 1or 2 bites ones a day a Thats all
3 angels don’t eat at all and poop nothing and won’t came look ad feading time

So there are 7 trouble angels in my eyes, they won,t eat or eat proper, non or poor growth and Some are skinny and Some have a round belly and that belly stays round even when I see them poop.


Re: F1 altums las of appitite and no growth

What I forgot to say is that most of the time of the angels thats eat 1 or 2 bites a day are taking a bite and spit is it out and swim away. So they want to eat but they can’t ( I think)
Even 1 of the 2 big angels hew eat normal are doing it now sinds fee days so there is something wrong but I don’t know what!!???😕

Could it be capillaria??
I’ve threat them with prazingantel, but i read on the info that it won’t threat capillaria!?

Re: F1 altums las of appitite and no growth


Can you send a picture of the fish, taken with your phone is OK? This will tell a lot more. Have all the fish a round belly, also those that are not eating?
Having a picture of the fish is crucial to identify the problem. Much more people will react when a picture is available.

Is je moedertaal Nederlands? Indien wel mag je gerust details in het Nederlands geven. We vertalen het wel voor de rest van het forum.

Re: F1 altums las of appitite and no growth

Thanks Slobodan👍 I Will look into it.

Hi Maanvis,

Nederlands is mijn moedertaal idd maar ik zal het wel in het Engels blijven proberen. Is makkelijker voor iedereen hier.

I have Some pictures of them on my phone but I don’t know How to get them here? I saw that they has to be on the internet to put them here. I’ve no pc, only phone and i pad