very shy altum

my altum are very shy ,what can i do about it
i don,t have a nitrate problem the fish are very healthy right now

my thoughts are

*add some bred angels or bred mesonauta
*dim lights i,ve already done this but it didn,t help
*sit in front of the tank to make them get more used to movement.

maybe som other solution?

Re: very shy altum

Andre, are these the ones you've had with you for quite a while? or a newer tank?
How long since you did a good filter material change?
Pat recently had a similar problem and i believe in her case, it all came down to the filters. She changed out part of the material and the fish came out again. You may also want to ask her.
Then of course Lilhelpers idea is also a good tip... if you can get some clean Mesonautas, that would be ideal, in nature altum and Mesonaita actually school together, many times forming a single large school of fish.
God listens. He may not always give you everything you want, when you want it; but he always gives you what you really need, when you need it most!

Re: very shy altum

Andries wrote:these i had for quite a while but i took away lot of the bad bogwood from the tank and that i think was the problem ,not enough hiding places.

i added some more better quality wood and they feel at ease again now
Anytime significant changes are made to their environment, altum will act shy. dither fish have always worked the best at getting my fish to relax.

Re: very shy altum

Andries wrote:
puertoayacucho wrote:So at this point they are still acting shy?
no they are doing much better Ed,i added some more bogwood and they feel more at ease[/quote

So this time I hope you used a good hardwood and not the softwood that rotted on you, I think we discussed that some time ago.
God listens. He may not always give you everything you want, when you want it; but he always gives you what you really need, when you need it most!

Re: very shy altum

HI It's Al/Mirador here.I have not posted as I have been very busy and some time ago finally realized that Pat had a 19 page post with two questions I wanted to ask on about each page and I was overwhelmed so O did nothing at all.
Re shyness: I am no real expert but I have some experience ..some of it just occurring this winter. My altums have been around 24 weeks strong and except for too large a size differentiation in them,things have gone well. Based on these and the experiment I did, and two other groups I had some year s back I can pretty fairly report the following:
1. 12 to 16 altums ( I have 16 now),just aren't shy if the water is OK. They are very active, never hide/ hid and are/were really well dressed thugs. They pack hunt tetras up to serpaes once they reach any size at all and elegantly beat on each other constantly.
2. Six altums are shy. They need a pack to feel aggressive and happy( but it is more complex than that)
Because I received my altums, all from the same batch, but in three different shipments... which is a noticeable mistake not to make, I have size variations that are pretty bad. My first group, a few of which died fairly fast, grew like mad from day one and outstripped the next two shipments until the biggest ones now are unrecognizable as to being are being similar in age and caught about on the same day as the smaller ones.
All fish ,big and small were active,not shy and aggressive:I moved the 4 smallest to a bigger grow out tank...they were immediately shy and miserable. Therfore I added more from the main tank in order of size...over a week. At 7 fish no one was shy at all anymore. Further,the initial tank which had contained 16 fish but now contained only 8 or so, remained completely bold and aggressive.
So, not surprisingly their behavior is adjustable. But,basically ,they like a gang
ONe side issue is that, having a tank of basically culls,I can afford to experiment. I wanted to treat the smaller ones for hexemita and since I could never get them to eat medicated food,I put pure metro into the water. At a dose of 250ml /l they are perfectly fine. They are also fine at a dose of 250ml/l added twice a day for 9 day.

I also did a Prazipro treatment on them..full dose of one oz per 120 distress whatsoever