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DLFL wrote:I am amazed that there has not been any discussion on this research center. The goals stated in the video sound very worthwhile. Is it worthy of our support? What are your opinions? Are these people known to any here?
Hi Dick, maybe it's because we need to be careful with this kind of self promotion of fund raising organizations.

Though at present we are not an active sponsor for Project Piaba, we have diffused their activities for many years, since our founding. Please check the active sponsors for Project Piaba and you will see some pretty big names. In short, it is a well acknowledged project. ... 9033504804

Now, I'm not saying that the Amazon Research Center is not a legit institution, but I really was not able to see much educational information other than a short monography of well known public facts and bios of people that seem to have the goodwill to do something for the conservation of the Peruvian Amazon and the preservation and controlled exploitation of ornamental fish in the region. Some people may be motivated to donate the startup funds they need, others may want to see more educational material and articles, more substance of reading contents, and a deeper intro and references from people who are better known before they shed out some financial collaboration.

So this is just my humble opinion. Maybe opening their page and seeing the sums they have collected in big numbers on the right and asking for us to make the number grow is a bit demotivating. I just wonder?

I'll need to ask Michelle if she has thought of re-activating the Project Piaba link on our home page as I see it is not working.

I'd hope other members would share their thoughts here. Dick is making a nice effort in bringing interesting topics to the forum and I am sure he would appreciate our thoughts (as would I). I'm sure not everybody thinks the same way I do.

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Re: Amazon Research Center

Hi Dick,

Unless I personally know the individuals involved in these types of endeavors I am very leery of self-promoted efforts. Unless these activities are supported and/or endorsed by an official entity such as a government or university there is no accountability once the funds are secured. For example does the university support this gentleman's effort. I recall no mention of it in his presentation.

Also previous exposure with some of the individuals in this project makes me even more suspicious so I prefer to adopt a wait and see approach to the viability of this project.

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Re: Amazon Research Center

Thank you Ed and Pat. I have had contact with at least one other person on here. If we are not willing to post our thoughts how can differences be brought to life and real progress be made in our thought process.

It seems that one from another forum believes there is not enough interest in buying captive breed wild offspring. This is a real concern for this project, for if the market is not there this project is doomed to failure.

I saw nothing to indicate a plan to conserve natural resources other than some fish. This is in itself an area of concern for me. Where as Project Piaba teaches that the natural resources can be saved by the harvesting of fish. Their idea of saving the resources using the economics of substitutable harvesting of wild fish is a novel idea to me.

I am not wanting to cause trouble but gather information making it possible for all to make intelligent decisions. The differences in regulations accepted by different countries is not wanted to be the end-all to this discussion but it should be looked at with calm reasoning. As pointed out to me "The US is not a signatory to the Convention on Biodiversity (CBD) and thereby they do not view that any international agreements with respect to biodiversity are binding on the US."

Lets talk and educate each other of differing opinions.

Learn each day,
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