more uraru fernadezepezi

With all the other stuff going on, I have still been meaning to find out anything I can about obtaining some of these uarus. It was quite a job finding out how to obtain and then receive altums successfully (took 2 years)and because these are such a natural fish to think of once you keep altums,I thought I would get prepared better than I did for the altums first time. For example, I was wrong on the fishing season for altums initially. I don't want to hear that should have ordered last week and now I have to wait a year. I gather from Mark Chen,who carries the urarus here and there, that one treats them just like altums with a vegetarian inclination.
I believe that one ought to be able to get them from Jeff Rapps, Snook, Discus origins and I don't know any more sources..not John at HAW so far.

FYI I had always been of the inclination to get altums ,acclimate them to neutral water and keep them in a lush planted tank. Now that I have been influenced by finerama, I much prefer the biotope aquarium with wood, tinted water, low TDS and low ph.( yes, like Anders). Also, after keeping my altums for 7.5 months now, I am sure that mine are more consistently comfortable and thriving when I do not try to raise the ph upwards of 6. Even if they are "good" at 6 they are more active and more ravenous at 5.5.

With my 220 gal done as a biotope aquarium, my altums and some uarus fern would be just about my ultimate tank

AS always,any help is much appreciated.


Re: more uraru fernadezepezi

That is also my dream tank Al. I'd advise you to shop around for domesticated UFY, a thing of patience. When they're around, they can go 100 a piece, but you would have far better chances of seeing them survice and grow than with wuld UFY. My friend Jose at Aquamark can certainly get them, but he basically wholesales to importers. Importers always scratch their heads when UFY are ordered, but they do bring them in if the buyer is insistent. The smaller juveniles have a better chance, but still, they are at least as tricky as altums.

Mesonauta insignis (Yellow breasted flag Cichlid from the Atabapo and nearby rivers) are usually found with altums in nature, they enjoy each other it seems and I have seen large flocks of both species swimming as one. They are a lot hardier than altum or UFY. Sometimes still sold as M. festivum, M. egregius, etc. If they are from the Orinoco basin, it;s a good chance they are M. insignis. 'm not sure is M.insignis is the only to develop the bright yellow breast, dorsal area and fins.

Good luck.
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