Re: satanoperca daemon and altum

Hi Andy, they cohabit together in nature and both are peaceful fish. I have had them together at least once throughout the years and do not remember having problems.
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Re: satanoperca daemon and altum

Hi Andries,

In January 2014, I visited Hannover in Germany to present a research presentation and after that I visited a tropical fish supplier in the area called Panta Rhei. I have seen many tropical fish suppliers in the world, but this one was exceptional. Many tanks were on display and the many fishes that were held in the aquaria were in excellent condition.

A special tank was one in which Pterophyllum altum were kept with a Satanoperca species which I think was Satanoperca lilith and this appeared to be working very well. Satanoperca lilith is quite similar to Satanoperca daemon, so I think that your idea of keeping Satanoperca daemon with P altum should work well. Ed is of course perfectly correct that Satanoperca daemon occurs with Altum angels in nature, so this is further evidence that this should work well. Obviously you will have to feed strongly to keep all the fishes well fed, but in principle the combination should work.

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Somerset West, South Africa