Plecos will scratch acrylic

Went to Amin-Chris's to buy bristlenoses for algae before found out on Catfish Nation that all pleco types will scratch and really ruin an acrylic be warned...Instead of buying 10 for 2 tanks, I got 5 ancistrus from Chris and 5 ottocats for the acryllic...I was told that these little guys eat algae but will not harm plastic...Ken

Re: Plecos will scratch acrylic

I have a trio of bristlenose and when they suck on the walls of my aquarium... I can hear them. It sounds like a pop sound when they do it. Luckily for me, I have a glass tank. I would think that if they can make a sound that loud, their suction would definitely damage acrylic.

Re: Plecos will scratch acrylic

Thanks Michelle...I have 5 little ottos in Q...they look good but I wonder how much algae they can eat in my 90 gal...When all is complete...the albino angels and everybody else are healthy (prayer here)...I'll post a picture and than you can show me how its done...My angels look pretty good although one or two (of ten) are kind of corner dwellers and not really eating well...I'm using metonidizole in food and water thinking its some internal parasite...we'll see...I*'ve had them for 2 weeks now...the tank has cycled and all other dithers seem fine...does anyone have a better solution to what i'm seeing...Pete (he bred them) called and mostly talked about stress...if they live...they'll be nice...

Happy New Year to you and the rest of the forum...Ken