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James I have kept large bleeding heart tetras with both my Peruvian angels and my Altums they get along just fine . My bleeding hearts turn a nice shade of red when they in breeding condition , which is quite often with my water parameters .


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The fin nipping can occur in the BHT are in enough numbers and not enough food fed. 8-12 in a large tank with a dozen altums should be fine.

You may also consider Rosy Tetras, which have also done very well for me.

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Have also 10 BHT in QT now .
They behave just like fishdoc described , really like miniature versions of piranahas . I find it very different , comparing to cardinal and rummy nose tetras. Are they suitable as tankmates to wild discus ?
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I'll toss a few other fish to consider as well as bring to your attention the chance of getting a Tetra similar to but not the same as the true Bleeding heart Tetra.

Two different species are being sold as Bleeding Heart Tetras these days.

True Bleeding heart Tetra seem to be harder to find in recent years but they are the prettiest of the two and are largest "Bleeding heart" species, Hyphessobrycon erythrostigma. I would choose these every time over the other.

The other species being frequently sold as Bleeding Heart Tetras is Hyphessobrycon socolofi, a pretty, but smaller fish, it's correct common name is the False Bleeding Heart Tetra. It isn't nearly as showy as the true Bleeding heart Tetra.

I concur that if kept in a school of 8 or more that there should not be any problem with them being fin nippers.
The False Bleeding Heart is even more peaceful and will never nip fins.
It is stockier than the Rosy Tetra.

Rosy Tetras, Hyphessonbrycon bentosi may be one of many similar Tetras in the "bentosi" complex. Another Tetra which some consider to be in the bentosi complex or the Phantom Tetra group that is very pretty is
Megalamphodus or (Hyphssobrycon) "robertsi", Robert's Tetra or AKA Sickle Fin Tetra. In good condition, when displaying, these take on a nice rosy purple color. They look really nice when kept in 12 or larger numbered groups. (I have a dozen in my 125 gal planted Tetra tank.)
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I did forget those. They are on my wish list if I can find them when I make a good sized order from an on-line dealer. I haven't seen them listed for awhile. I am trying to get my guys to bring in a box of Parotocinclus cf eppelyi or Parotocinclus sp 3 "Peru".
I have never kept the "Flame Back Bleeding Heart Tetra" but they are a gorgeous rhombiod shaped Tetra. I like to keep schools of slender body Tetras with a school of rhomboid shaped species to provide a contrast in both shape and color.
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Those were common in my region approximately 12-15 months ago. I happened to be at the fish street in Hong Kong in 2010 December and saw a few shops with them going for S$6 a piece (at that time, S$1.30 = US$1). I quickly bought 30 and brought them home....only to find in 2011 January that they were in many of our LFS for S$3 a piece :(

I kept them together with a school of Hyphessobrycon erythrostigma in my Heckel discus tank and they made great tankmates. I'm just waiting for them to be available again so that I can get a school of 20-30 for my blackwater set up, although i'm being sorely tempted by a shipment of H. copelandi that is due to arrive on our shores this week or next.