re: Which biotope correct fish are best kept with P. Altum?

Hi Larry,

Thnx for the great info. All info I could find said that Leporinus Fasciatus will be max 30cm long. I actually wanted to try to get my hands on some Leporinus sp Atabapo, described here by Heiko: ... p?sid=3951

Heiko says in this link that they will make good tankmates for Pt. Altum, but if I understand you right these fish are also bad fin nippers and therefore a bad idea??? I have no experience with these fish. They seem very nice, but indeed, I want to go for the long term view with this Altum tank.

I will be picking up the Altums tomorrow!
Video's of my Pt. Altum, Pt. sp. Santa Isabel and Pt. Sp. Rio Nanay: ... type=&aq=f