Equilibrium disfunctioning


In the group Santa Isabels there is a fish haveng what I should call equilibrium disfunctioning since 2 weeks. He doesn't sink to the bottom or tends to float towards the surface. He has issues with simply swimming vertically (normally), and is sometimes turning around to "find his equilibrium".

I don't think ghe is suffering. I realize this is due to an internal problem, but since he can perfectly swim at every height in the tank, I'm wondering if this is related to the swimblatter.

This will remain as it is I guess. Has someone had this experience? I have had fish in the past 25 years ago with swimblatter problems, due to internal desease, but this is different. I hesitate to apply euthanasia. Hate to do this, but on the other hand I don't want to let him suffer. As far as he doesn't suffer there is no need.

I have another Santa Isabel that is almost blind due to mechanical damage on the eyes almost one year ago. I feed him by hand and the fish is OK, is integrated in the group.

Re: Equilibrium disfunctioning

I once had a similar problem with a Rio Negro Altum a few years ago, but the fish all arrived in trouble. Then they got better, then all went south. I ended up with two fish and one developed evident swim bladder issues, it passed away after a few weeks. I think your case is as you suspect, swim bladder related.
In my case, it was usually swimming in a 45 degree head down and at times it would just go with the flow.
God listens. He may not always give you everything you want, when you want it; but he always gives you what you really need, when you need it most!

Re: Equilibrium disfunctioning

Thanks Ed.

Since he couldn't swim normally at all, and I didn't foresee an improvement in this kind of cases, I made an end to his suffering. Leaving a fish suffer with no hope on improvement is useless. This happens. I had the fish for 6.5 years, but he was a full grown adult (XXL) wildcaught when I bought him.