my altum woe

Hello,I'm new to this forum and I'm hoping to get some help in healing my altum.she has what looks like bacterial infection and or parasites..she also has Lil black spots the looks like they protrude thru the skin.she seems healthy and eats quiet a bit..she is the other half of my pair.any help would be greatly appreciated . Thank you

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This is the fish in question Ed.
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Hello altumkeeper and welcome to Finarama's TASG. I'm so sorry about your fish. Our more experienced fish keepers may not be available right now, but it might help if you could post ...
  • how long you've had the fish,
    the size of your aquarium,
    have you recently introduced any new fish or if there are any other tank mates,
    is it bare bottom or do you have a substrate and if so, what type,
    the last time you did a water change
    and what your current water parameters are.
Also, do you notice a thin red line along base of the dorsal and anal fins? Any area of redness?

All this information will help in diagnosis and I hope someone can answer your question soon.

Best Regards,

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Hi michelle,thanks for replying..I've had the pair of altums for about 4 and currently they are housed in a 55 gal tank with 1 cory.,substrate of shallow neutral colored last wc was 3 days ago.parameters are: ph 6.2.teml 81. Tds at 105.almost pure ro being used to lower tds.this ailment happened a few months ago as I tried to mix my xl altums with my small altums..which proved to be a disaster as I lost 2 xl altums and 3 small altums.this female developed this infection and so did the other xl altum which completely lost its entire tail.but has since grown I was hoping this altum would be able to fight this off.but it seems it's getting worse..she eats vigorously and shows off in front of the bigger altum which I can only assume as male..they swim and get along really well..sorry for such a long reply...again Thanks for any help as I want to save her..

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Hello altumkeeper,

It seems as if your juveniles may be carriers and the female adult contracted it. I wish I could tell you what to do, as I am really not an expert on illness and medications, although I have had my share too. I can tell you that you should do water changes daily for now. Don't move the fish as it might stress the fish further. I will try to find someone who can help you. I'm so sorry for the wait. The forum is a bit slow right now.

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Hi Ben, I wonder of you received my email? I am pretty sure this is a fungus. There are several good fungus remedies on the market. I understand my suggestion of potassium permangante and salt may not be the safest, but there are other remedies that are not so harsh as PP. Jungle/Tetra Fungus Guard, Fungus Clear are all good products.
Whichever way, you need to act fast, and with a calm head.
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Years ago, I got in a group of leopoldi and their shipping water was really contaminated with ammonia. I made the stupid mistake of doing a plop & drop in water that had the same ph, hardness, etc. I WAS VERY VERY STUPID for doing this!!! By doing this, I burned the fish and they all developed fungus. I was out of my mind!

The advice I was given was to do 3/4 daily w/c and administer salt. Keep your aquarium temp. at least at 96° F. The fungus would fall off and regrow, but each time the burns got smaller and smaller. Eventually they were completely healed. *I used no other antibiotic or remedy with this treatment. But... other treatments may work better.

Now you have to be careful with using salt for some salt will keep a fish hydrated and some some salt may cause dehydration like epsom salt (magnesium sulfate - used for constipation in fish) which will expel their bodily fluids as well. It has been a long time (years) since I had to do this, but I used regular table salt. I'm sorry but I do not remember the exact dosage of salt, so maybe someone else can chime in.

You can tell the difference between fungus and a bacterial infections. Fungus will always appear "fuzzy" or "furry." If this is what you see in your fish, then it is fungus. If it is not, please reply back.

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I had a similar issue a few weeks ago. I have a tank with 5 wildcaught Santa Isabels, 5 years old. One is showing so now and then agressivity against the "second in command". One evening when I came home from work the tail was shortened by more the 1 cm (it is a big fish, as tall as the average altum) and I expected a bacterial infection in the nextcoming days. I added salt in a ratio to 1 g/l into the aquarium. I added this in two steps with one day interval. After 1 days the tail was OK, all dead tissues were gone and there was no trace of any infection.

My experience is that salt is a good preventive against fungi and well supported by fish and plants. If you can eliminate this potential issue, I think it helps the fish to fight against bacterial infection too.

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Hello,I've since have treated her with fungus cure and will be doing the last wc the looks as if the ailment did not get any worse but it still remains..I will give her a few days rest and might proceed with a light pp treatment as per pat suggestions..she seems still very healthy and eats aggressively..will keep the group informed of the outcome..