antibiotic flakes in aclimating altums

I have a new group of baby wild altums from HAW that I have been acclimating for 12 days and have them,with a great deal of help from ED,to the point where one looks everyday nervously to see if they are still clean in my main tank.THere are two shipments in the main tank. as there were some shipping replacements and the second batch is not as good...not perfectly clean like the slightly earlier batch.I also have a few pretty sick ones in a hospital tank. After 3 million questions, ED urged me to utilize Finnerama more and mentioned that ,in general, I might feed all of them antibiotic tetracycline flake....or something similar. That brings up questions:
1. Like most hobbiests,I don't believe that tetracycline works anymore on domesticated fish..though it might well work on fish from the wilds. Not having much faith in tetracycline,I had purchased kanamycin flakes. It had been reccommended to me before and I have seen it referenced on this site. Nonetheless I have researched kanamycin and I understand that it is progressively less and less effective as ph drops.So, is kanamycin effective in flakes at a ph of 4.5? I had used it in the water two years ago at a ph of about 5.8 and I did not think that it worked.

2.Just on feeding antibiotic flakes ,more or less as a preventative, also has its disadvantages. If you follow the directions on the Angels Plus container,you will be told to feed twice a day exclusively for 7-10 days. Since these guys are being fed 5-7 times a day, over ten days they would lose 50 feedings while trying to grow like mad.So, does one follow the directions or just feed them 5-7 times day with the kanamycin or tetracycline flakes.

3.There is more ( of course):I started feeding all fish with the kanamycin flakes yesterday morning. This morning my water in the main tank (cannister filter/sponge filters/UV//cattappa leafs/ph 4.5/ TDS 50) which has been very ,very strikingly crystal clear, has a tiny haze ..but it's there. Also,two of newer altums are no longer with the pack and look a bit stressed. Is it a correct conclusion to figure the haze is from the antibiotic either entering the water column in uneaten food or being "peed" out by the fish or is it most likely something else that has not occured in that tank ,with or without altums in it ,for 6 months. There are no nitrite/ammonia /nitrate..per IOS brand tests.
Before I do anything, like immediately cease feeding the antibiotic flake because of the stress of the two altums,I would like some in put from "you guys"
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Re: antibiotic flakes in aclimating altums

Oxytetracycline flakes. Kanamycin flakes may also be good. Now, this is not your receiver food. You need to get that appetite up and eating well (with good and yummy food) and if you think they need an antibacterial treatment to help clean them up, then you can use these flakes. Remember in one of my last emails...COMMON SENSE.

If you really don't need to use antibiotics, then don't. Don't see things where they are not.

Glad to be of help... hope all goes well.

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