albino behavior...not good

Hi, Ed and everybody...been a while, but my albino angels have been doing well...until of them, a big male? has started jerking back and forth first I thought it was mating/cleaning but it doesn't stop even in open water...parameters are pH 6.5, no ammonia, no a 90 gal with 7 other albinos + dithers...had them for about 1 and 1/2 years in these same conditions...

I just changed 1/4 of a tank, but no change...anxious to hear from someone (Ed?) who is more knowledgeable than me.

Thanks and regards...Ken

PS...Saw white, stringy feces this AM...belly worms?...put in Prazi, but would still like to hear from someone who knows more...

Re: albino behavior...not good

Hi Ken. Really sorry for the delay. Been on the busier side of life lately but trying to get back in fish shape. Also someting must have affected my account or email settings as I am not getting notifications of any kind. I will look into this tonight.
I hope your symptomatic fish has held in there. Try to get Jungle Internal parasite guard and freeze dried bloodworms. Soak the fdbw in a an aqueous solution of thr med and feed it to all your fish. Do this for a week...only feeding the medicated fdbw. At the same time raise temp to 90F while u treat the fish. This should take care of the white stringy feces. And hopefully..if the jerking hws to do with GI cramps or cholics...they should go away.
And again I apologize...also fir any typos...txfing from my phone.
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