Pterophyllum scalare ill


My Pterophyllum scalare has a big problems and probably it will die. But I want to be sure to have tried evrithing to save it.

Initially, it had a injury on the mouth. I don't know how it hurt itself.
Then, some "bubbles" appears near the dorsal fin.
Scalare malato 1.JPG
I treat the "bubbles" with water+salt. And I apparently solved the problems.
Some days later, other "bubbles" appeared with other problems. There was a "vermiform organism" in the nostril and another in the eye. The eye has been holed.

I treat the fish with an antibiotic for a week: "Bactrim Forte" (sulfametoxazolo 800 mg, trimetoprim 160 mg).
There were some improvements in the eye and the bubbles disappeared.

After the treatment appeared other problems. When I turn on the light in the room, the fish swim like a whirlpool (in italian is like a tornado or mulinello). I know it is a very big problem. But during the day the fish is NORMAL. It eats and swim normally.

And there is also these symptom:
Ferita scalare.JPG
You can see also the eye...

Can I try something to save the fish?
Sorry for my English, but I hope the photos can help you to understand the problems.

Thank you very much,
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