Re: Altum Sick, what kind diseases/ parasite is this (Pics)

I don't know exactly what is the root cause , but I had this once with altums, must be 15-20 years ago. I went to a vetenarian specialized in fish, reptiles and invertebrates. It was an excess of mucus, cause wasn't identified. He just advised me to put some salt into the water (I think 0.5g per liter). It disappeared very quickly.

I'm not sure it is the same cas with your fish, but it looks like that. Your fish don't look like being ill, neither were mine. Maybe somebody else can give advise?

Re: Altum Sick, what kind diseases/ parasite is this (Pics)


Now I have the same problem with my Manacapuru, one died suddently 2 days ago, and then I tryed medicin "Aquamor1" but it seems not to help anything actually now the fish have a bit more today, so I stop the medicin, and made a huge waterchange today, and put another medicin : "Aquamor multi", now I hope the fish will be fine.

Anybody here have an idea about salt will bring back the fisk ok agin, or what ?