Day off from feeding?

I have a hard time not feeding my angels every day...especially since they are still growing and then there are the dithers..

Wondering what the concensus...skip a day...go one feeding only one day?...Am I harming them by not giving them a day off?...I usually feed the angels in the morning and evening...leaving plenty of time to digest before lights off...

I'd really like to know what others do...I've always fed my discus daily and some are 5 or 6 years old...but this is my first experience trying to do angels right...Ken

Re: Day off from feeding?

My line of thinking is that the fish do not ever take a day off from feeding in the wild unless there is absolutely nothing available to them. I do give my fish days off but only because of laziness on my part not because I feel that they need it. I do feed a varied diet full of live, frozen, and dry foods. Juveniles like yours need to be fed at least twice EVERY day in my opinion.

Re: Day off from feeding?

I'd say it's not a bad idea to purposely fast them occasionally. For example, you may take advantage of warm temperature + fasting to help them eat a medicated food that otherwise they may spit out more easily. The higher the temperature the hungrier they will get (as you are accelerating their metabolism).
Also, once you start feeding them again, you have the opportunity to observe the fishes reactions. They (the group) should aggressively dart at any sign of food after 24-36 hours of fasting, any individual staying behind, lethargic, should be carefully observed.
How frequently can or should you do this?
1. Always before starting a medicated food diet.
2. When, i.e. you need to give the fish a strong salt or formaldehyde dip. It is best that they have nothing in their GI tract during this type of treatment.
3. When needing to transfer fish to a hospital tank for a more extended treatment.
4. Before shipping or extended manipulation within tank.

Stress + food in GI tract is never good. This could bring forth GI related diseases.
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