Freeze Dried Blackworm storage

Hi guys,
I know that a lot of you use freeze dried blackworms to feed your fish and I was just wondering what the best way to store them was?
Reason being is when I receive them from the supplier the fish go mad for them but then after a couple of months storing them in a big air tight tub the fish won't even look at them.
The only thing I think may be effecting this is there is a lot of air space in the tub that I keep them in, am I right in saying it would be better to just keep them in the zip seal bag they come in and make sure all the air is out of the bag before closing it?
I also read somewhere that dry fish food stays fresher if you keep it in the fridge but i'm not too sure about that?


Re: Freeze Dried Blackworm storage

Mike, I have experienced the same thing when I buy the larger jars of freeze dried and even frozen bloodworms, as well as freeze dried blackworms.
I would suggest dividing the larger amount into smaller zip lock bags and when sealing the bags make sure to take out all the air from the bag. You might want to use a roller pin to flatten out the contents inside the bag while sealing it. It is the air that oxidizes the contents. If you put an absorbent gel packet in the bag that will be of further help as it will absorb moisture that may remain or get in the packet when you need to open it.
You may want to ask the manufacturer about the shelf life. Here in the U.S., Dan Garcia makes them, he is one of our members (dancbw).
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Re: Freeze Dried Blackworm storage

Thanks Ed, Sounds good, I'll start doing that when I receive my next order.
One final question, when I make up the zip lock bags where is the best place to store them? I remember reading somewhere it's good to keep fish food in the fridge but i'm not sure about FD Cal BW. It's cold enough here without putting them in the fridge.