Re: how often do you feed your altum?

Only had my 4x2yr and 2x3yr old f1 altum for less than a week. Feed small pellet (1mm) in morn b4 leaving for work and as often as I can of an evening small pinch at a time. Seem to be slow eaters. Also feed them drosophila which they eat a bit faster once during evening. not the only fish in 4ft tank so i'm doing a filter clean daily and 15% (roughly) water change every other day (tap water + sodium thiosulphate, australia). Breed and keep my other wilds in same conditions. Throw in bloodworm or frozen brine s or live blackworm every other day.

Re: how often do you feed your altum?

This is a really good topic, not only in regards to Altums, but any cold blooded pet IMO.

The short answer is I feed mine (all my fish, which includes 7 altums, 15 wild scalare, a host of domestic scalare, other ciclids, catfish, bettas and rasboras ...) once a day ... maybe. Often times they go several days without feeding

I have completely changed my approach to keeping fish. When I was running my commercial angelfish and discus hatchery in the '90's, I followed the "standard" formula of multiple feedings daily (3-5), and performing massive water changes regularly.The obvious goals being fast growing fish that I could quickly get to market and breeding.

If you follow the "standard" husbandry approach to raising discus and to a lessor extent raising angelfish you find the same approach ... lot's of food and lot's of water changes.

I'm completely changed my approach ... I feed lightly, once a day, and perform water changes no more than 2x weekly. I rarely vaccum out my tanks. In many of my tanks (I have about 20 operating) I have lot's of plants growing, usually just masses of floating hygrophila & duckweed. I also have an abundance of snails, which eat up the left overs. Very low maintenance approach.

Yes, the growth is a lot slower, but so what? I believe it is healthier for the fish to have a more normal growth ... remember, in the wild fish don't eat regularly and sometimes go long streatches of time between meals. I don't have any research data on the effects forced accelerated growth-rates beaders and many hobbiests push on fish, but I have to believe that there is a point where the overall health and longevity of a fish isaffected by this unnatural approach.

What are my conclusions of 10 years of low maintenance?
  • I get numerous spawns in "community tanks" ... I will see baby dwarf ciclids, baby cories, and occasionally angelfish spawns in the tanks ... so something must be working if these fish are happy enough to spawn
    I have had great overall health of my domestic angelfish
    My f1 and wild scalares are doing great ... I've had f1 peruvians for 5 years (2 generations of offspring), and now have some wild peruvian, wild santa isabella, wild manacupura as well as my wild altums
    I do have challanges with certain fish and situations ... until my last batch of altums I've had so-so results. However, I don't know if this was the quality of the fish imported vs my conditions. I've had problems with discus ... I think I have an endemic fluke and velvet issue and the discus I've tried to raise over the past 5 years have not fared well. I also have issues with some bettas and some of the really sensitive wild gouramis ... chocolates and licorice
So, there are some challanges with the low maintenance approach, particularly with very sensitive fish (Altums). But I think the idea of less feeding, which slows the growth and requires less maintenance, is a good thing.

Re: how often do you feed your altum?

I am basically in the same camp as Jeffrey. Once a day and skip a day or two a week. Water change 35%-50% weekly. The exception is for newly free swimming fry which get more food and water changes their first couple of weeks.

I have ramped down on the plants as well.

Much as I love my Altums, I have no illusions about spawning them.
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Re: how often do you feed your altum?

I feed mine 2X day lighter feedings..while I agree in some cases fish may not be able to get meals all the time..

I have seen that they will forage all day long.

I personally don't agree that fish don't get food or meals daily... because this depends on the fishes current environment.

I have observed.. for quit a bit of time.. different habitats.. and these habitats will generate different results.

in example.. spring creeks...there are several in the state one in particular yeilds very large trout. watching these fish feed and their feeding patterns will yield the best results for catching these fish(flyfishing only restrictions apply) these trout feed heavily several times per day. they feed on leaches, scud(very large and very abundant), bloodworms, and larvae from many different bugs..the fish are also very active and larger than the same species found in freestone rivers and creeks where forage is much different.
end result is much larger trout of the same species from the spring creek vs freestone

but remember lots of food = lots of waste and should result in lots of water changes.

Re: how often do you feed your altum?

Joost wrote:I feed my angels as much as I can while raising them to adulthood. I have always lived under the assumption that not doing so will make you end up with stunted fish. Small, big eye to bodysize ratio etc. something that is inreversible.

This is how I do it as well. Lots of small meals as often as possible while they are growing. Otherwise the fish will never reach it's full potential. I have found this to be especially true for discus and altums.

Re: how often do you feed your altum?

I feed, just as Jeffrey, once a day or twice litlle amounts. I feed quality dry food, and for the wild (Santa Isablels) also frozen food, never live food and always from aquatic living origin.

I change proportionally not so large amounts. I used to change 8% a day, but converted to 40% a week.

I measure no NO3- content in the water and have almost no plants. The population in the tank is not heavy, but should be lower to my opinion. In my 'wild' tank, I have 8 angels and 1 gibbiceps in 700l (180 gallon) of water. Instead of performing 'astronomical' waterchanges, I prefer to adopt 'microscopic' population densities.

Re: how often do you feed your altum?

Andries wrote:i was wondering how often a day other members here feed their
altum mine are semi adult and i feed them up to 5 times a day
As many smaller but frequent feedings you can give them when they are younger. Taper off as they grow. 5 times a day sounds good for subadults.

Lots of high protein, natural color enhanced foods, rich in mineral and vitamins and predigested algae and vegetable matter. High quality flakes and pellets, as varied a diet as practical.

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