re: Growing Brine Shrimp

I have a 10G RCS tank, I don't know the number, but I guess should be couple hundreds of it. I found that make the water a little bit green would help. pearl grass is very good for RCS.
I use ADA amazonia as substrate.

I will start a new 20G RCS soon.

I will try the brine shrimp with 10G tank per article.

Re: Growing Brine Shrimp

I've never done this before...but I took the plunge with a SanFrancisco apparatus (+soda bottle)...and it really work...billions of babies...I fed some to the albinos and they went nuts...same with the discus tank and dithers...Now to raise them up...found this guy David Ramsey on U Tube...very easy and primitive, but it looks like I may have adults in a couple of, I'll start a new batch of babies...Hey, live last...Ken