freeze dried blk worms

Hi I was on a discus site were I am a member and saw were a co. in Australia is selling freeze dried blk worms, members who have tried them were very pleased so I ordered some. I will post after I get them to see how the altums react. Ed

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Overhere you can also get various kind of Freeze dried feed. Like bloodworms, brine shrimp and tubifex worms.
Apparently the nutrtional values are preserved even better through this process, but I think that is only when you feed it all right after opening the package. I think that a lot of the nutritional value decreases in time after you have start using a package.

I have tried FD bloodworms and FD brine shrimp. My angels don't eat it well because it stays afloat for a very long time. Other fish that don't mind eating from the surface like it very well. I have never tried it, but you can probably soak it in water before you feed it.

I find it relatively expensive though.

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Hello Ed,

I have used the Australian Blackworms for a while with my Discus and they love them, even got my Heckels feeding from my hand with them.
The Wild Blues went back to spawning fairly shortly after feeding them, coincidence maybe but as far as Im concerned they seem pretty good.

Like Joost says, they float so soaking works well for atleast half an hour before feeding, if not squeeze them between your fingers when feeding them. Having said that, my Wild Discus loved searching through Amazon Frogbit for hours on end to find the last of them.

Also like Joost says they can work out expensive so I fed them as treats, maybe every other day as they would become totally obsessed by them and not take anything else.


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Andries wrote:these australian black worms are very populair here in Sweden
most people use them for discus and they soak them in a vitamin
mix called aqua kraut (from discus studio tinnes in germany)
i use it myself and i,m very pleased with both products
Was curious about aqua kraut ? Do you feel it has done what it claims ? Is Discus studio tinnes the best place to purchase it ( best price ) ?

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the fish are going crazy when i soak the australian worms in aqua kraut and feed them ,i also noticed that when i use the aqua kraut in the tank they seem to get a better appetite.

yes i think tinnes is the best place to order from ,it,s still very expensive in my opinion but 1 liter will last a long time.

here,s a link for members who don,t know this product ... Aqua-Kraut

then go to wasserpflegemittel and then to aqua kraut