Re: wildcaught orinoco altum spawning

It is,when compared to what is going on with my fish ,is so striking to see how delicately they act while spawning... sort of altumish if you will.
At present I have ( in separate tanks:)
1. 10 adult wild altums which I will have had 3 years in Oct. They cruise around,eat like wolves,form desultory pairs which break down and are "under the thumb" of one very big and dominant fish who never pairs but breaks up the other potential pairs. THis is in a 220 gal.

2.Six altums from Forkel(more or less)which I got last December.They grow well and are fed so often they cannot be kept with the adults yet. BTW altums are much easier to keep once they are adult and the "feeding binge" is over and certainly water quality goes up.These German altums show no inclination to pair up,are still big babies...they do behave exactly like wilds.
3. THen I have six koi angels from Steve Rybecki..(if you hate domestic angels and particularly hate should see these.they are just so striking you gotta like them.)They have perfect even really good wild angel shape. I got them march 28th of this year at big quarter size. The 4 best fish,on cue,formed two pairs this week and are cleaning leaves very very aggressively..done. THey are just domestics and behave like mindless idiots.

My point in this is to mention just how hard it is to spawn wild altums (which I have never done) and just how easy it is to raise and spawn domestics (falling off a log)..and it is all going on in one room in tanks 10 feet apart.


Re: wildcaught orinoco altum spawning

Well they are 16 days now from hatching,was a bit confusing cause some people count from the day they spawn.
So when I compared my fry to them in horst linkes book there was a difference but the reason for that is clear now. :D

I,m doing 30% water changes every day ,and feed them with decap brine shrimp,freshly hatched brine shrimp,and also frozen cyklops.

They are starting to look like a real fish now ,finns are starting do develop and also they got their first black bars.

I dimmed the light a bit and also I blackened the sides and back of the tank after Ed suggested it to me.(thanks Ed)

Also thanks to Mike Troxell for all the help I got from you." onclick=";return false;