Tony Vaughan wrote:Well Done Mike ;)

You Sir have joined a very exclusive club ;)

Keep us updated on the progress and if you have any questions or comments then Ed is your man..........I only wish that guy would write a book ;)

In relation to the "Heiko" comment. I know Heiko and have been fortunate enough to judge with him. Heiko is like me, a passionate man. He is, unlike me highly knowledgeable and extremely well traveled. He also has a reputation to keep and books to sell..........and we all know controversy fires debate ;) I have huge admiration for him for what he has brought to the hobby and the work he has done. And when I don't agree with what he has done then I tell him. I don't mind as I don' t have a reputation to maintain ;)

All in all no-one to my knowledge has done significant enough work on genetics (or DNA) with Altum's to be able to indicate without error the catch location or species.

Best Regards.......................Tony
I totally agree with Tony and think there is no need to disrespect anyone's opinion... especially when it comes to Heiko Bleher.

We need to consider that it was Bleher who first noted the difference between some Upper Rio Negro Scalare (AKA Rio Negro Altum) and the true Orinoco Altum... when still many Colombian, Venezuelan and Brazilian ichthyologists, fish tradesmen and fishermen had always granted that the populations in this area were actually P.altum. We owe Heiko, at least, the doubt... hence we are looking for answers and come to a conclusion in time.

Just as I can affirm that Mike's fish are from a specific location, only because I have spent years building contacts that provide good access to certain information (of interest for my research), I am confident that Heiko's criteria will agree that these are altum, and even more, that they are typical Inirida Altum. Only he can say further. Still, even if he thinks differently... that is his criteria... and as Tony said, only scientific proof will suffice for those in doubt.

This is my personal opinion and Finarama/TASG or Michelle Ricketts will not be held responsible for my statements.

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