WE are likely moving from the frozen north to Southern Florda in Port Charlotte just about 45 min north of Snook.THe house we will buy or build has,as is typical for the area, no basement and an open plan with almost no interior walls.
Therefore all my fishy stuff is kicked out into the garage. It strikes me that it will be too hot in the garage. THere are other warm weather aquarists out there..what do they do?. I am thinking to lightly air condition the garage and I do not think the house will come with garage AC.
Other than that heat and possibly some winter cold,I am fine in the garage since I have negotiated with my wife that a complete bay of the three is mine.
I believe that I ,myself,am allowed in the house proper provided I don't make a mess.

Any comment/knowledge?


Re: Florida

Hey Al. As a kid I was raised in Miami. In the early 60's, we had a roofed garage, against the home, open to the yard on two sides. So you couldn't heat or air condition it, in the original construction.
In 1966, Dad closed the garage. He built the two outer walls and that would become my room. We put in AC and heating, and my (paternal) grandmother, who lived with us, rigged up my very first 10 gallon, with cardinals and a few corys in it. It was a balanced tank, full of val, a small amount of fish, and a corner filter. No heating in tank.
Then we had what we called the "Florida Room", this was a roofed space, totally open to the backyard, where we could put a table, chairs and maybe a TV or radio, enjoy a barbecue or supper in the summer evening hours.
Then Dad came and closed up the Florida Room, and my mother thought she would have like, two living rooms, or a party/entertainment area... but that ended up as my grandma's fish room! That made two of us jumpin' of happiness and my, well my Mom (that is...Grandma's daughter in law!) was totally P.O.'d. My grandma got away with everything! Mom was not happy.
Only when nights got really cold in Winter... around or just under 32F, did my grandma turn on some additional space heating. It's rare these days for the T to approach freezing in South Florida or Central Florida, but don't let it surprise you, if definitely DOES happen. The farther you are inland, away from the coast, the colder it can get. We were 20 miles from Miami Beach, straight West, pretty close to the Everglades.
One really good thing, if you're smart, and depending on where you live (meaning neighbor proximity), you can get away with breeding your own mosquito larvae!
Let us know more when you do the move or have details on the home.
In general, you won't need tank heaters except for the coldest fall and winter nights.
Thanks for opportunity to go back in time... and weep a bit.
God listens. He may not always give you everything you want, when you want it; but he always gives you what you really need, when you need it most!