Re: Drip water change system..anyone using these

Thank you both for your inputs.

On technical feasiibility and safety ,I have been looking at double failproof aututoppff systems, more commonly used in marine tanks for water autotop off.
The newer models come with a float switch and an optical sensor as backup incase the float fails.

The only modification I would like to do to typical drip system would be to add something to keep temperatute of fill water (be in tap, ot tap plus RO) same as tank temperature.

Re: Drip water change system..anyone using these

If you want to use an auto top off system then you could hear the container containing the top off water. This obviously depends on how much you intend to drip in on a daily basis as you may find yourself filling this up every day unless you have a large container. If you have a large display tank and are only replacing a couple of gallons per day then it may not be necessary to heat the incoming water as the display tanks heaters should keep up. Another way if adding and removing water would be to use a double headed peristaltic pump. One head removes some water while the other head removes an identical quantity. A less accurate method would be a twin doser but you may find that you might have to calibrate the pumps to ensure that they are both moving the same amount of water.

Re: Drip water change system..anyone using these

Thanks Tinpot

After exploring ATO systems , the issues are low flow rate of their pumps.Plus we will need one system for each tank..that will make whole setup expensive.

On a direct drip system the fill circuit can be a direct line in to tanks (flow calibrated with drip irrigation valve).
Drain side can be an overflow..connected to house /sink drainline.Now in case there is an option to drill a tank, that will be failproof system with almost zero chance of flooding.

If overflow cannot be a tank drilled , we will need an overflow box, and that will bring the issue of loss of siphon, a low probability, but a risk still.