re: Purigen?

I have found it to be a sound product but fiddly to recharge (It is easier with stronger bleach and I was worried about rinsing it well enough) It will also remove any "blackwater type compounds" saponins, humins etc. and the granules are quite small so it needs a very fine mesh bag to contain it in the filter.

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19ghost79 wrote:Thanks Phil. Have you noticed a slower rise in Nitrates while using the product?
Oh yes, but the speed of removal and the period to saturation depends on the ammount of Purigen you are using, the more the merrier. I don't use it presently for the same reason that I haven't tried an ozone water cleanup system, for me the problem is that it takes out desirable organics as well as the undesirables.

Re: Purigen?

I can confirm that it works for me as well. It keeps nitrates below 5ppm for me.
I put it in almost all bleach solution, it's recharged within hours. I rinse it and then put it in a cup with water and Seachem Prime..

Re: Purigen?

Hi Mikey, I've used it for years, great stuff and if you take care of it well, it regenerates for years. Just purchased two liters of it.
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