lost fish

Been a long time since posting but make it here from time to time. What ever took my Altums one at a time has taken all but one of my domestic discus. Just like the small altums they died one at a time.I treated with everything I could get my hands on but no positive results. Wanted to post to caution about cross contamination.

Merry Christmas to everyone!

Re: lost fish

Hi Al, sorry for a late reply as well as for the loss of your precious fish. In my experience, it's as if unless we're totally (or almost totally) dedicated to keeping these high maintenance fish alive, they will eventually catch something and die. In a year (viva summer and spring!), I have some good "long spells" in which I keep up my husbandry routines and all seems to go smoothly. During winter, I have a hard time due to how cold my fish room (in my garage) gets and how cold the RO water comes out for making water changes. The heating in my case is an issue, as my apartment's master switch panel does not have circuit breakers that can take the overload that comes from my aquariums and so they will trip, so I have to keep a close eye when it gets really cold. This is the time of the year when I lose some fish mainly due to temperature changes and less water changes, thus I see some health issues.

I hope you can keep in touch, we miss your frequent and interesting posts.

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