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As some already know I've had an interest in breeding killifishes since 1968.
Usually I have a current membership with the American Killifish Association( but I am presently in between.
Annual Killies are my favorites but SA Annuals are my favorites among favorites.
There is an excellent website created and maintained by Frans Vermeulen.
It is an info only, no signup required site.
Frans goes into incredible detail and lists every species known in the hobby.
If you are interested or curious about these fascinating fishes go to:

Sorry about the poor quality of this photo. It is a 1" male Simpsonichthys boitonei I had(Remember, ANNUAL KILLIFISH). These were first discovered during the clearing of the biotope to construct Brazil's capital city, Brasilia about 1962.
They are the type for both establishing the genus Simpsonichthys and this species.
I bred them in 2 to 4 gallon tanks with food storage container weighed down with a few marbles and filled with about 1 inch of peat. I collect the peat, squeeze excess moisture out, let dry on paper overnight, then bag and store for 3 to 4 months. After completing the storage period I just add soft acid water and the fish usually begin hatching within one hour. After a few days I remove the fry and repeat the drying and storage of the peat for another 4 to 6 weeks and wet again. Getting a second and even third hatch is not unusual.
The fry are large for such a small fish and can take newly hatched brine shrimp right away.
They can be sexed in less than 6 weeks and many can begin spawning at as little as 2 months old. Most are senescent by one year old. Instant fish has to be experienced to be believed.
Larry Waybright
Trout fly fisherman.

Re: It Rains Fishes website

Larry, that is one really nice website, simple but so accurately informative. I went directly to Rachovia genus and the photos for each species are right on spot to the specimens I collected in Venezuela and Colombia. I'll be digging into it.
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