Re: Biotoecus opercularis

Hi Phill,

I have not had any dealings with these little fellows, but I have done a lot of reading about them.

From what I can make out they are highly specialized dwarf cichlids that require very careful attention to detail in keeping them. They need very soft water, and the water must have a very low pH. From what I can deduce, these fishes are very difficult to maintain and do not do well in a situation where they have to compete with other cichlids.

If we think of the context of this forum, in other words keeping fishes with angels or discus, I do not think that these fishes are good companions, they require their own aquarium.

They come from the Amazon between Manaus and Santarem, but also in the Rio Negro. There is also a sister species in the Rio Orinoco called Biotoecus dicentrarchus, which I would expect to be equally difficult.

Have you seen these fishes in the UK? They are interesting, and they would certainly attract me.

Kind regards,

Somerset West, South Africa

Re: Biotoecus opercularis

Yes Dirk, they are about in the UK. Several people have bred them, they turn up occasionally in specialist Cichlid auctions. They have a delicate beauty in their irridescent colouration. I think Andrew Wood who is a member of this forum was one of the initial breeders.
Started out with nothing and still got most of it left

Re: Biotoecus opercularis

Phil I'm not sure if you are on the British Cichlid Association forum, but if you are I seem to remember ste12000 got some from one of his mates about 12 months or so ago. I've no idea if he managed to breed them, but he does have a good track record with dwarfs, so if you are after some it might be worth pm'ing him. He's based in Runcorn but I think he posts.