a school of hatchets...

This is a minor deal, but I'd like an opinion...while cycling my 90 acrylic, we obtained a few silver hatchets...alas, they all died but one...water wasn't cycled and I didn't know about Stability and Prime...

Now we have one healthy guy in his own 10 gal...doing OK but sad to see him alone...I'm thinking of a 1/2 dozen more before we close the quarentine down...the 90 is closed (acrylic) so not much chance of jumping...I think it would be a cute addition...

Any opinions or is it just a matter of what I like? Their water parameters are about the same as the altums, etc.

Thanks for any opinions...Ken

re: a school of hatchets...

Hi Ken!!

I am a fan of hatchetfish!! The only reason I don't have hatchet fish is due to the fact that my tank have too many openings in which they can jump out. I think silvers are big enough to endure an onlsaught from an altum. Guys, correct me if I am wrong. Ken, IMO, I say add some more hatchetfish, they are pretty fish and they will make an interesting addition to your tank.

BTW, marbled hatchets are my favorites as far as hatchet fish goes

re: a school of hatchets...

Hatchets are abundant in the rivers in the Northern Perija Mountains (northernmost Andes in Zulia, Venezuela) near my hometown of Maracaibo. I would snorkel around immersed in schools of thousands of silver hatchets in the Guasare River in the late 70's... the coal industry turned the river into a mucky stream the last time I saw it, late 90's.
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re: a school of hatchets...

Common Silver Hatchets are one of the hardier species but all of them tend to be delicate at first. If they don't jump out and once they are well acclimated, Silver Hatchets can live for several years.
If you want more now is a good time since you already have a quarantine tank set up. I would keep at least eight but more of them is better.
It is a good idea to buy a few extras because you are bound to lose one or two at first. Hatchets should be treated for Ich ASAP before they show any symptoms. They can be very prone to developing Ich when one first gets them and it is easier to prevent than cure.
I'm surprised any one has had success at keeping marble Hatchets with Altums. At least with large Altums. Marble Hatchets are much more difficult to successfully acclimate and keep long than the larger Silver Hatchets.
It is helpful to feed Marble Hatchets live mosquito larvae and/or wingless fruit flies. They live much longer when they are regularly fed these live foods. Silver hatchets do quite well on F.D. blood worms and other quality floating prepared flake foods.
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