Piranha - Piraya and red bellies

Just thought I'd post something slightly different for you all to look at. It's my mates piranha tank. I think it's one of the most naturally decorated piranaha tanks I've seen, with extra interest through the small tetra species in with them:


The tank is 49ins x 35ins x31ins.

The Columbian tetras have actualy bred and doubled in number, even with the piranhas in the tank.

re: Piranha - Piraya and red bellies

That is an excellent Piranha set up.
I may be wrong but they look like Pygocentrus piraya unless I missed any P. nattereri among them.
I would use at least a six feet long or almost 2 meters long tank especially for the larger P. piraya.
Piranhas are no longer legally sold in any of the states in the Pacific Northwest but for many years the largest LFS in town had a dozen 10 to 11 inch P. nattereri and there were always at least one pair breeding. Until the new law went into effect he always had 1 inch fry for sale for only $3.00 each.
His breeders were almost 15 years old so he kept some F1's and started over. Now those are breeding.
It sure makes a much more interesting display to keep schools of smaller Characins with them. I went through my Piranha phase over 40 years ago.
Over time I was able to get P. piraya, P.nattereri, Serrasalmus rhombeus and one Serrasalmus hollandi. I have also had several Serrasalmus/Pygopristis denticulatus; not a typical Piranha. Kind of half way between a Serrasalmus and a Colossomus (Pacu).
Another outlier I had was a Wimple Piranha, Catoprion mento. Unfortunately at that time I did not know they were specialized scale and fin eaters.
Larry Waybright
Trout fly fisherman.