hybridizing uaru??

If my pandas don't mate up in the next few months & my female continues to lay eggs by her lonesome I'm debating about introducing a regular uaru male into the tank and seeing what happens. Anyone heard of this happening in this genus. I hasten to add that I don't much approve of hybridizing for its own sake but it might be interesting if succesful to see what patterns develop in the F1. I was a behavior genticist in the last millenium for a while and retain some fascination with the field (I was strictly a mouse guy so don't blame me for any fishy monstrosities please).

re: hybridizing uaru??

No Dennis,

the thought of hybridizing Uaru fernandezyepezi with Uaru amphiacanthoides is too ghastly to contemplate, leave this to the mice please. I actually do not believe that this would work in any case. Uaru fernandezyepezi comes from the Orinoco and Uaru amphiacanthoides comes from the Amazon, which means they most probably parted their separate evolutionary routes about 7-8 million years ago, so they would be so far apart by now that they may not be fertile in any case.

As indicated in your other thread, I would wait until those other fishes are larger, as a matter of fact I would consider separating them so that the smaller ones can grow better, and then recombine them to see if you do have some males amongst them.

My 2 cents worth,

Somerset West, South Africa