help Panda uaru spawns without a mate?

I have 4 Panda uarus -apparently all from the same original shipment. Two are quite a bit larger than the other two. The largest is now on her second (at least) egg laying spree with no indication of a mate or of any interest by the other 3. I have had female discus do this but one usually seemed to adopt a "male" role or they co-spawned. Is there anything that occurs to anyone apart from the fact that I may have had the misfortune to procure 4 females? Does anyone within striking distance of southern British Columbia have a/some pandas they might want to exchange? Is it possible that males mature later than females?-that seems counter to reproductive theory but who knows?? Any thoughts on this vexing matter are welome.


re: help Panda uaru spawns without a mate?

the panda uaru are a beautiful fish, I have had female discus and angels in the past produce a spawn without any pairing up or male involvement, actually more so with discus, then on a later spawn the male from the group comes into play and does his thing. maybe it is the same with your fish, maybe as you say the male developes a little later..... is'nt it the same with us humans us males are way behind the ladies when it comes to maturity and sexual developement........
some say we males never mature :oops:
Iwould tend to hang in there with the fish you have rather than swaping some........ saying that a group of checkerboards i bought a while back at about an inch in length turned out to be 2 males and 18 females!

re: help Panda uaru spawns without a mate?

Thanks for the reply. I think I'll give them a couple of more months before-may not have much choice! It is partly my experience with discus that threw me into a bit of a panic-I waited too long to get a male & when I finally got one they spawned once & he up and died and she has shown no interest in his replacement-she is now pretty old 5-6 yrs & he is getting sickly. So I didn't want to dither too long with the Uarus.