re: a few pics of my aquariums

I like your vivariums. I have always wanted to set one up but I still haven't ever got around to it. Your set ups are very nice.
I don't have much room for aquariums so I turned my small one bedroom house into a fish house I just happen to live in.

I love all the Geophphagus and Biotodoma species.
I used to keep a group of 15 cm Geophagus cf. surinamensis with a group of adult Heckel Discus. Loved that tank. I also really like the Acarichthys hecklii. Alas, I usually end up dedicating my few largest tanks to wild type Discus.
They are fish of gentle nature, especially when they can coexist with Cardinals that shows how peaceful they are. I would like to try some Biotodoma species or Guianacacra species some day. I have kept a couple Dwarf Pike Cichlid species, Crenicichla wallacei and Cr. compressiceps and I expected them to eat my Tetras but they lived with Black Phantoms, Black Neons and the native SE USA Ghost Glass Shrimp peacefully. The Dwarf Pikes seem to prefer small fry and live or frozen blood worms unlike their piscivorous larger relatives. That came as a surprise to me. I also had Heckel Discus sharing that set up, too.
Ed AKA pueroayacucho bought all my last group of 10 Heckels a few years ago.

So many fish, so little space and time. Not enough to get around to everything I like. Thanks for sharing your photos with us.
Larry Waybright
Trout fly fisherman.

re: a few pics of my aquariums

here is an update of the tank with the cupido in it, l added a dozen wild caught scalare a couple of nights ago, i had them in QT for the last month or so, but they were growing so fast i had to make the move!
here is a video of them, Ihave never seen fish beg so much for food as these guys, i only have to be in the doorway to the room and all their heads tilt to the surface expecting food!