uaru fernadezpezi

After just reading that posted article re receiving conditions for altums which ,basically I pretty well disagree with. I have receieved them at high ph and continued a high ph and found that I could get perfectly fine results with healthy fish OR they got columnaris and all was a struggle with no particularly good end. That's why I started to do the low ph thing as do many of us. I will observe ,though ,that it does seem that long term ( 8 months) in a bare box tank does not agree with them no matter how low the ph is. Get them into a nice big warm planted tank (real watersprite grows well at heat and low ph and in pots ) and they relax and do much better..maybe even could be described as thriving ( about time)
The above preamble does relate. Six weeks or so ago I purchased six wild 2-3 inch panda urarus from Snook and then 3 more which were the size up at 3-4. inches. ,Other people who post here must have also. I planned to get them into ph 5 or lower water ASAP because John had warned me they were in a ph of 8 at his place. I did so. THen I watched them get columnaris by the a ph of 4 with UV at 31C with indian almond and peat. However,unlike the altums which seem to be too delicate to survive much in the way of help, the urarus respond to treatment impossible to do well on altums. LIke altums, the uarus will break off from dying to eat. The earlier smaller sized batch would eat flake so I fed them homemade tetracycline flake which did help though the sicker ones were too far gone ,It seemed, for the food to work fast enough. BUT,unlike altums ,they PP just fine. THey can be treated like discus and tolerate a 1.5 ppm bath for 4 hours just fine...then into a furan bath sick tank..and it cures them perfectly. The second ,larger sized batch, arrived the same, got sick the same and were too shy to eat flake ( it has to be eaten within 10 seconds flat). I pp.d them at the `1.5 ppm(that's a 3/4 discus dose) did the furan bath also and they were basically instantly fine.
THey are out of quarantine, at a ph of 5.5 in RO with no UV with a huge piece of tannic bog wood in the 125 with a thin layer of pool filter sand ( the old altum tank)...with floating and potted watersprite (big ones and real water sprite ..indian fern. ) They are doing great (never brag,though..too dangerous)though I will have to keep lateral line problems at bay with HUFA and vitamins. NOte that as long as you feed them veggie food with big leaves, they won't eat the watersprite because it is a bunch of least so far.

Whatever,I suppose my point is..this does not work on altums. ..and I have killed few trying all sorts of PP experiments at low dosage. PP either kills them or is too weak to be of much use,depending on dose...

Altums remain the tricky ones unless you are somehow lucky. BTW I do not think John at Houston Warehouse brought them in in 2015. Mine are 2014 vintage and I believe his year with them was problematic..

MIrador/ al