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This last weekend, I had an overwhelming desire to find some good reading material about the Amazon River region. Needless to say, I now have a ton of books in my "wish list" at As I was searching for books, I thought it might be a good idea to create an area here in which we could all share our thoughts on the literature that we read and to have a place where one could request a book on a particular subject.

I do hope that everyone will find this new category useful and resourceful.

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Here goes...
Just looking along the bookshelf next to my PC.. all are well worth a read if only to look at some of the pictures.... (a picture is worth - - imagine an angelfish book with no pictures.....)

> Altum-Skalare by Horst linke, publisher Bede verlag(in German).
> Angelfish by Braz Walker, TFH
> My Angelfish by Frank Schafer, A.C.S. Glaser
> Skalare by Siegfried Brail, Bede verlag (German)
> Angelfish by BrazWalker & Dr H R Axelrod, TFH
> Freshwater Angelfish by Dr H R Axelrod & Dr Warren E Burgess, TFH
> Skalare by Dr Wolfgang Staeck, Tetra verlag (German)
> Angelfish by Dr Robert J Goldstein, Barrons
> Aqualog South American Cichlids 1V, Discus, Scalare by Manfred Gobel & Hans J Mayland, A.C.S. Glaser.


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Yes, some of this book I gained and read it (so old Paepke´s story too), but if ones of theese aquarist-literats are by us very recognized, from their books I had only general known informations. Only materials from Kullander in Aqualog brought to me good new informations, only it!
This all ignite me to begin making on new book about Pterophyllum genus i all his breadth of this problematics.
Here I may lean on of my last work about angels, when I made for our magazin AT. But by us is now problematic how gain nice live material for practical studium of his living. I must be now satisfied only with informations from internet. You know, that it is difficult problem.
Now I have complete processed all me known breeding forms and their living. I´m searching all materials about wild Pterophyllums.
But I´m now in this times so working in my work about wild bettas (labyrinths), I have too little time for work about angels.
Yes, I know, that this is so long way to good end. :oops:

Greetings, Jan
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For those interested in disease treatment I would like to suggest they get hold of:

1. Dieter Untergasser's different works regarding tropical fish diseases and their treatment: Handbook of Fish Diseases, my favorite and Discus Health.

2. Jack Wattley's Discus for the Perfectionist.

Once you manage to integrate the knowledge of these works there will be little mystery left when it comes to treating wildcaught cichlid diseases. Even if we find that the emphasis is on the genus Symphysodon, wildcaught angelfish, Uaru and Heros enthusiasts will benefit greatly from these readings.

Wattley's book is most interesting. He interviews some of the world's foremost discus breeders regarding several of the most important topics when it comes to breeding and maintaining discus. Water conditioning/maintance, R/O, filtration, lighting, disease treatments, breeder conditioning/diet - all exhaustively dealt with - lots of juice to squeeze for the advanced aquarist.

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Hi all, thanks.
We have by us in CR "Fishing high school" which exist by VURH below Southczech university in České Budějovice (metropolis of south Czech district) and they also co-operating with Ichtyologic faculty of Charles´s University in Prague.
They edited their schoolbooks and university scripts, where have in last years also chapters about tropical fishes.

I have now:

"Nemoci sladkovodních a akvarijních ryb" (Diseases of freshwater and aquarium fishes) - J.Čírtek, Z,Svobodová & J.Tesarčík (edited by Informatorium,1997)

"Akvaristika - biologie a chov vodních živočichů" (Aquaristic - biology and breeding of water animals") - L.Hanel (University´s scripts I. and II. parts) (edited by Karolinum,2002)

In that books are so many good informations about much diseases and also about possibility treatments of this and at first about our possibility of pharmaceutical chemicals in our republic.

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