re: discus yearbook in german

Hi Andries,

I have had a look at this article in the past before. It is a nice article with typically nice photographs.

Basically the author tells us that he started off with captive bred fishes of Linke line fishes and another batch of Siegrist line fishes. As far as I know, and I may be wrong, the only person that is breeding both of these lines of fishes at the moment is Simon Forkel in Germany, so I just wonder why this is not acknowledged. It is not impossible that the two different lines of fishes come from two different breeders, but why are these then not acknowledged, I just wonder.

Then they show pictures of young that they state are 11 months old. Either they are younger or else those fishes are undernourished, they should be much larger at 11 months.

The picture of the first large fish is a Linke fish in my opinion because of its shorter fins. The fishes that they show later in the article that are 18 months old, are Siegrist line fishes in my opinion.

When it comes to the breeding it must be mentioned that they started off with captive bred fishes so these would be more easy to breed. They mention changes in water conditions which stimulate spawning and they state that this should be just as "easy" as breeding discus, but they do not understand why they are not bred more often. Well, in my opinion, they are much more difficult to get to spawn, and I think we know this. If this was not the case then altum angels should be as common as discus are, and they are not, we are still only seeing a handful of absolute specialists which are able to breed them.

So, in summary, my opinion about the article is that it has pretty pictures and useful information, but the breeding secrets are still not given to us.

Kind regards,

Somerset West, South Africa