Help me to find local discus breeders

I know this site is dedicated to angelfish fan. However, I just like to know that anyone knows any local breeders in San Francisco Bay area. I like to buy young discus and see them develop their color form youngster to fulll grown adults. I feel it is so fascinating. Any information is truly appreciated. I was trying to post on SimplyDiscus, for uncertain reasons, I couldn't go through it. That is why I'm seeking help here.

Re: Help me to find local discus breeders

Hi Altumlover. Welcome to Finarama. Though we were born for angelfish, essentially wild angelfish, for the last couple of years we have opened up towards wild discus, so of course we can help.
Also, one of our administrators, Pat Husband (Second Hand Pat), is also Administrator at Simply Discus, so I truly hope we can help you in more than one way. I will ask Pat to give us a hand here with your issues and help you with our great friends at SD.

As to breeder's in the bay area, I'd like to point you to :" onclick=";return false;" onclick=";return false;" onclick=";return false;

The good thing is that being in your area, you can go take a look yourself at what they have to offer and how they make you feel. Don't rush in and buy at the first store down the block... look, listen and take your time. I'm sure there are more good people in your area and hopefully Pat and SD can provide further advice.

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