What is going on in Altum Land? Politics, Ecology and Ener

What is going on in Altum Land?
Politics, Ecology and Energy Development

For many years the governments of Venezuela and Brazil have talked of connecting (from a commercial navigation point of view that is) the Orinoco River Basin and the Amazon River Basin.

Of course, previous administrations of both countries have attended the petitions of world organizations such as UNESCO as to avoiding attempts of such a project.

Those governments understood that the intervention of one our planet's principle global climatic regulation systems (the Amazon Rainforest / Guyana Shield of Northern South America) by means of the consolidation of such a task would no doubt produce irreversible consequences to the ecology of Amazonia. This would have direct and measurable consequences on the earth's potential to produce oxygen and a drastic degradiation of the ozone layer.

Is my explanation a little drastic?, I actually don't think so, it's just a matter of time. Things are already bad enough as they are I would say.

Chavez' project contemplates dredging throughout the Middle Orinoco, down the Casiquiare and into the Upper Rio Negro. Brazil would take the task where the Negro enters its territory. The objective is to make the Orinoco and Negro totally navigable for larger cargo and passenger ships.

For those of you who have followed my posts and have studied some of my Altum Distribution maps (at Angelfish.net) you will surely understand this means turning the tropical fish heartland of South America, home of Pterophyllum altum, Uaru Fernandezyepezi, Blue headed heckels and so many other of the rarest and most beautful OTF, into something like the Mississippi River. The dredging would start just downstream of Puerto Ayacucho and on the way up would directly affect the Rio Atabapo and Rio Casiquiare Floodplains as well as the Rio Negro watershed.

Ecologists in Venezuela, Brazil and worldwide are aware of the situation and have worked for many years, lobbying and making pressure to constrain financial resources for this project.

But now, the Venezuelan Government does not need external financing to take on the project. It can do it on its own and even finance Brazil's part of the job. This thanks to world oil/gasoline prices.

On the other hand, the recent discovery of Uranium deposits in the Upper Orinoco have to a point, deviated the Venezuelan Government's interest in this project.

It seems Mr. Chavez now prefers the seclusion nature offers and it works for a project with a much greater priority, Uranium production and possible Uranium enrichment. Unconfirmed sources have stated that work in this sense has already begun near La Esmeralda, Alto Orinoco, Venezuela.

As of last week, Iran and Venezuela became formal business partners in the energy industry and for reasons beyond any Venezuelan's comprehension, will be drilling "Joint Venture" wells in the Orinoco.

Now everyone knows Iran doesn't need to look for oil elsewhere as it has plenty of it and Venezuela, doesn't need partners. So I guess even Mr. Bush can guess what brings these two countries together (though he might need help from the CIA!). I'm sure we don't.

There's only one reason for this business merger between Venezuela and Iran and it's to poke on President Bush's chest more persistently. From an economic point of view, Venezuela is losing money and it's compromsing the future of the world's largest known oil reserves with Iran. Uranium is the deal here.

Now, as far as the ecology of the Guyana Shield is concerned, developing nuclear energy and oil drilling in the Upper Orinoco represents major surgery and radiation therapy on one of our planet's main vital organs. So any way you look at it, the future does not look bright.

Now we know a little more about what is going on in those remote places where our beautiful altum come from.

I have just one suggestion and one question.

My suggestion is to get those beautiful rare Orinoco fishes breeding before they become extinct!

My question is, wouldn't you feel more comfortable with a less beligerant fella governing Venezuela?

If you were an Altum, I think you would!

God listens. He may not always give you everything you want, when you want it; but he always gives you what you really need, when you need it most!

re: What is going on in Altum Land? Politics, Ecology and En

Hi friends,

what make Venezuela´s politicians in last times so much remind me too much our last "socialistic system" in Czech republic. Their friendship with Iranian totality and desires for more stepping off pillage nature we by us know very good. If we give it together with work of drug´s mafias in amazonia, we must cry for BIG ALERT !!!!
Not only altums, where nobody not spawn after Heiko talks (I´m believe him), but also too much any other rare and also unknown fishes for us! And no only fishes, but also another animals and flowers, etc.... What we know, what is living in that rain forests for very important and rare flowers, where can be importantly for our health anytime?

Breathing never coming from fashion!