NASA imagery and BP's OIL SPILL in the GULF of MEXICO

Main NASA page with some imagery of how large the oil spill is. Simply astonishing.

The 1st link has a gallery of photos from different satellites and the information for each one of the images. Enlarge the photos if you really want to appreciate better details. ... index.html ... ature.html ... 520-b.html

Eduar ... 132656.htm

re: NASA imagery and BP's OIL SPILL in the GULF of MEXICO

Despite the volume of petroleum that was released in the Gulf of mexic in this largest of oild spills, the Gulf's ecology has taken it in stride much better than the smaller Exxon valdez spill in Prince William's Sound.
Petroleum eating bacteria have evolved to take advantage of the natural and normal petroleum seepage which has been going on for a billion years. The much warmer water and a lack of a poorly timed hurricane allowed for considerable natural remediation to occur.

This was a serious event but my fly fishing friends who annually fly fish in the Gulf of Mexico have found the fishing to be excellent.
The negative effects were rather more selective than the heavier crude loss from the Exxon Valdez spill into a much colder ecology and it remains effected by that spill to this day more than this much more recent and much larger spill of a lighter type of petroleum into a much warmer and larger volume of water. I am sure some organisms will have suffered more and for longer than others but the effects observed so far have shown surprisingly light damage all things considered.
Larry Waybright
Trout fly fisherman.