Altum aggression or possible courtship? Michelles videos

In another thread Michelle posted three short videos that were quite fascinating. They are found in the thread "my altum's are shredding each other".

My altums engage in frisky carouseling, fin spreading and spirited dart & bump but nothing much else. I find three things remarkable about the interactions and would like to hear whether other's fish have exhibited the same behaviors and whether the behavior in Michelles videos looks like courting sequences rather than aggression per se.

Michelles fish:

!. lean toward the opponent/partner when darting forward wo butt/bite
2. Often lean away when approached.
3. Often "face away" from the opponent when approached. They are not bitten on the tail in these sequences. I notice if my altums seem alarmed by my approach-rather than anticipating food-they often "face away" from me as a group.
4. Never perform the classic "scalare head shake"
Did so head-dead peckin/butting but no sustained lip locking.

For Michelle and anyone who has viewed these videos or seen similar behaviors. Does this seem courtship?? It kind of does to me. Is this bevior common in altums and/or rare/absent in scalare/leoplodi? Trying to get a quick education in angelfish soap operaretics!! Parallels seen in related genera?

Curious Dennis

re: Altum aggression or possible courtship? Michelles videos

Hi Dennis!!

In your first post, those are signs of courtship as you guessed it. The head shaking, in my case, was rather a head shimmering. Try to observe them really close for as long as you can this weekend and with a video camera and see what you can catch. Usually the one starting the courtship, when they 1st start forming as a pair, is the female. Females could be as big as the males and sometimes could be the bigger one in a pair.

I’m sure that some of us have posted ours observations about altum’s courtship before. I’ll try to do a search, but I suggest to you, and everyone else, to try and find these old posts too.

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