Charlotte Aquarium Fish Auction – Oct 3, 2009 (Mecklenburg W

The Charlotte Area Aquarist Society (CAAS)
Presents - AUCTION 2009 – Oct 3, 2009
CAAS will be hosting our fourth Charlotte, NC Fish Auction. You do NOT have to be a CAAS member to participate and the public is welcome. CAAS is very proud to offer the 4th annual Auction and anticipates continued growth and success with this event. This year we will include a silent auction but don’t expect the event to be! The silent auction will be for WORKING (nothing broken or missing pieces) dry fish related items. Filters, pumps, tanks, etc.. The official date of this event is Saturday, October 3, 2009 at our NEW LOCATION. This years auction will be held at the Mecklenburg Wildlife Club located near I485 and I85. Directions to the club are located at this site. ... php?t=6711 A printable auction registration form and auction rules are available at this site.
Are there fish you have always wanted? This is going to be the place to get the fish of your dreams or find the bargain of the year. The best regional breeders will be here from the Southeast (NC, SC, TN & GA). Past auctions have included many Cichlids, Livebearers, Killifish, Live Plants and more.
There is no cost to attend the auction. The split for the sellers will be 70% to the seller and 30% to the Club. Come to CAAS Auction 2009 and make your fish dreams come true!
John Anderson – CAAS President
Date: October 3, 2009
Location: Mecklenburg Wildlife Club
Google Earth This Address Below
2301 Wildlife Road
Charlotte, NC 28214

Auction Registration: 10:00 AM - 12:00PM-
Auction begins: 11:30 AM
Contact Information:

*All persons attending this auction do so at their own risk. Neither the Charlotte Area Aquarists Society nor the Mecklenburg Wildlife Club, it's officers, members, or any persons connected with the auction, assumes any responsibility for any loss, damage or injury or assumes liability, legal or otherwise in attending this sale.