Plumbing my 175 - Advice needed

Hello everyone,

I have a problem. I started to plumb my 175 so I could finally put some fish in it. I was looking for supplies on craigslist and found someone who needed to find a new home for all their fish (12 discus from Kenny's Discus). When I spoke with them, they told me I could have them all, along with all their supplies, food, medications, pumps, etc. for a price I could not pass up. This meant that I needed to plug the 175 and use their filtration to get the aquarium going to house them while I finish up the plumbing.

Last night, my husband and I started to glue the fittings, but this glue seems very toxic and sets almost immediately. It is regular pvc cement glue and I wanted to ask everyone here if there is something else I should use? Also, I need to make sure that I'll be able to use the plumbing without anything leaching into the aquarium and poisoning the fish. Should I soak the pvc pipe or run water through it before using?

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re: Plumbing my 175 - Advice needed

If it is PVC glue that is safe for use for glueing pipes where water for human consumption can go through it should be fine.
Here in Holland all PVC glues that you can buy in a DIY store are safe. Once the glue has completely hardened (after a few seconds you can't move the pipes and fittings anymore, but it will take an hour or so for the glue to completely harden out) it is ok.

If you don't trust it you can put some carbon in your filter for a few days, but also without carbon it has never given me any trouble.
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