Links : building aquarium stands, Sketchup,and The Sagulator


To calculate what lumber you need to support the tank

as one member said
Take a look at SketchUp. It is a free, 3D or 2D drawing program that is offered from Google. They have a great community and can use other people's drawings in your own. For example, there are some people out there that have built libraries of PVC fittings so you can plan your plumbing and so on and so forth. All the drawings on this thread (or mine I should say) are all using SketchUp. I have also drawn the layout for my backyard, my son's room, my son's bed, and a bunch of other items. They have great tutorials that will walk you through how to use it as well. Did I mention it was free?

These threads ( w/ links to Reef Central thread ) help explain lots of issues. ... ank-3.html

After reading a few pages I will be altering the stands I made. I can remove some of the extra lumber and make it stronger at the same time.
The best feature is getting rid of the center support post.