Great DIY lighting option

I have a 125 gal planted tank which I set up with two, 36 inch, dual HO T-5 fixtures. The spread of the light really wasn't quite enough so I began looking around for supplemental lighting when I came across some amazing 6400K, HO fluorescent lights.
They are pencil thin, 1/4 inch diameter, 21 inch long tubes with reflective tubes in very low profile fixtures which are made to rotate along their axis so they may be aimed.
They are also designed to be connected in a series.
I just received three of the 21 inch sets to fill in the lighting along the back third of my tank. There are shorter fixtures available and are well suited for odd shaped tanks where strong lighting is desired.
If you are interested in them check out this information: ... mbulb.html
I am really pleased how they filled in my shadowed back portion of my tank.
They are not expensive. These are great for DIY types. Here are the specifications:
T- 2 Aquarium Lamps and Fixtures

• Very Low Profile with a 7 mm Diameter and compact length
• Axial type Wedge base
• VHO/ 82 CRI
• 73 LUMENS PER WATT; for example the 13 watt 6400 K produces 950 lumens (73 Lumens per Watt) which is 70% more lumens per watt than most bulbs, making this one of the best planted aquarium lamps available for its size (as well as an excellent complimentary Marine/Reef Light)!
Even a standard T5 Light does not have this output per watt, only LEDs are more efficient!
*Bluntly, the highest output of useful light energy for aquatic life of ANY fluorescent light!
• The Newest Technology T2, the 3rd generation model #302; includes a rotating lens with built in reflector, a feature not available in T5 Fixtures!
Larry Waybright
Trout fly fisherman.