american Marine pinpoint ph meters

I do not know how many of you have one of these monitors (or even swear by their accuracy) but I have 5 of them.... all utilized in soft (remineralized RO) water. You may think all is well..but just put them all into one (large tank) and you may well see 5 different readings.They will not be close enough to interfer with one another in a big tank.. They could differ by .5 units. If you have one purchased in Jan of this year,it may not be at all accurate by now. They do not work all that well in soft 130 microsiemens water and do not last long. They are not so hot even at 230 ms.
They are good ,though,to measure ph changes in a tank if left there. They may be inaccurate but they still will register upwards or downwards shifts.

If I remember I store the one on the ro refill storage unit in well water to prolong it's life.

anyone have a helpful secret?

Re: american Marine pinpoint ph meters

Hi Al, a tad late here, but most of these pH monitors have the same issue in very soft MOVING water. Take a sample of water from your aquarium in a clean glass or cup. Put the probe in and wait 30 seconds or so, you should get a stable reading. I went back to the API color regents for a simple reason, VERY LITTLE PATIENCE REQUIRED!
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