pin point ph meter

I happened to read here that MIke T uses a pin point meter and since I had never yet found a meter that would work in low ph water for any length of time,I called American Marine and was further persuaded that this unit would be the way to go. They did mention, however, that this unit is really designed as a continuous monitor and ,in fact automatically comes with a 10 foot probe cable. I want to use this unit as a regular PH meter, attached to a wall, maybe, but running intermittently and taking readings on samples from a couple of tanks and storage tanks as I "make" water from RO water. Is the meter fine for this or do you get into trouble just not leaving it in place on a tank and not disturbing it? I f one had to leave them alone ,it could mean that I would need three of them which would be handy if expensive.The directions indicate that you can turn them off and on, but ,in procatice,is that really the case?
BTW,as I have posted, I have had trouble with tail fraying which remains an ongoing project that this meter hopefully should help with. I had given up on PH meters and had been using API wide range PH kits and just nearly used up two bottles of the reagent (batch # 160A1014)during which time this tail fraying had reared it's head. I received two new bottles (same batch #) and the new bottles are a full color shade off from the the old bottles. That is to say, the new bottles register yellow when the old bottle registers orange. My good guess is that this could be critical at times with altums. As If have tried to raise my ph over the last months it seems perfectly possible that I was always less acidic than I thought...hence the need for a real working PH meter. I knew reagents were innacurate but this is pretty bad.
BTW at American Marine they did indicate that at really low TDS (like 15) the unit will not work well or for that long but at 50 you would be fine..thats a problem for breeding ( for example)
Any advice is appreciated
Regards Al

Re: pin point ph meter

I"m not at experienced at keeping wild angels but this is one thing I can help you with. I have kept planted tanks for many years and used c02 injection controlled via pH meter. I have the pH controller (meter) you are describing. Of course to do this you have to keep the pH probe in the water 24/7/ There is no issues in doing this. However, the pH meter does need to be calibrated from time to time to ensure you are getting correct reading. I also believe they recommend replacing the probe annually.