Re: $99 RO

I would not trust it. I tried to find some info about the company and came out blank.
Use that $99 towards something reputable.

When it's all said and done, Altums are truly a man's best friend.

Re: $99 RO

Hi Guys,

$99 is a good price, I guess, but when one purchases an RO unit, you need to carefully consider a number of things. Firstly make sure that it has a prefilter. This is crucial because if your tap water has even the finest particles in it, the water will block the RO membranes and you will have to replace them regularly. I would never install an RO unit without a prefilter, refilters are cheap, RO membranes are expensive. Then you need to also know what the cost will be of replacement membranes for your unit and whether these can be supplied easily and whether they are a standard format. Then you also need to decide whether the capacity of the unit is sufficient for your requirements. Furthermore, RO water production always has a significant percentage of water than goes to waste, which you can use to water your garden, but you need to know this as it could push your water consumption up quite considerably. For persons living in arid areas such as in South Africa, this can be an important consideration.

Kind regards,

Somerset West, South Africa