20 year old generator shot...what if?

Last week, a good part of our town burned down...taking with it the electric wires that went to 1150 customers including us...Luckly the outage lasted for about 7 hours and the fish were fine...

Our 20 year old generator got us through Sandy, but it finally crocked after the fire...I don't think one had to do with the other...but it just wouldn't keep running and was spitting out oil...

We are now looking for a new generator, but what in the mean time...what does one do with a 110 discus tank, and a soon to be here 90 with Altums...How does one keep a biofilter alive through a week without electricity?...I suppose there is no magic...but I would appreciate ideas...


re: 20 year old generator shot...what if?

Hi Ken

Sorry for your bad luck with hurricane Sandy and the fire. Without electricity or a battery to run the pumps your biofilter will die. I had the same issue about a year ago with hurricane Irene. We lost power for four days. My biofilter was surely dead after that. Luckily it was during the month of September or August I forget, but temperature was not an issue. But in your case it is cold now. What you could do is use blankets or newspaper to wrap your tanks to keep as much of the heat in as possible. If you got desperate you could boil water and poor it in your tank from time to time. But be careful not to over do it. You could get a power inverter and run your filters with your car battery. Just remember to change or rinse your media in the filters before power is restored, otherwise that bad water in the filter will contaminate your tank and stress your fish or worse. Get some SafeStart or Special Blend ready for when power is back on.
Good luck friend.